Hooves N' Harmony Horsemanship

Training Highlights

~~ Lightning is a 4 year old warmblood that had considerable time off while I, his owner, was pregnant then recovered from a c-section. Because his training was suspended and he was green before the break, I decided to send him to a trainer for a 1 month refresher course. Danielle did a great job evaluating Lightning's issues which included spookiness, rushing into the lope, and not listening to your leg. She got him back on track and ready for me to ride and show. I showed Lightning successfully Dressage and rode him extensively in our pasture before selling him for a great price. Thank you Danielle!

. Marti Kinsey


~I enrolled my Half Arab Pinto gelding, Sudden Eclipse (Nick) in Findlay University's Western Horse Program for one semester. Nick was then an unbroke, coming 3 yr old. He had been shown at Halter and had some round pen training before starting in the program at Findlay. The student assigned to Nick was a sophomore, Danielle Chouteau. Nick had been handled extensively since birth by myself and my daughter, Erica. Even so, Nick was somewhat reactive to new objects and situations. He was sensitive about being clipped around his head and ears, and he also was very unhappy about being bathed. Danielle was tuned into Nick's personality and patiently introduced him to new situations and the busy traffic of the workout arena. She was diligent about spending extra time at the wash stall, easing him into bathing without frightening him. Danielle also got Nick to accept clipping his ears without the twitch. Along with basic Western training, Danielle introduced Nick to trail class obsticals and taught him to navigate them successfully. She did an outstanding job providing Nick's elementary training, and I was able to build on that foundation when I brought him home after he "graduated". I have since shown Nick successfully in Showmanship, Western Pleasure, Trail, and Pattern classes. He has proven to be a good trail horse also. Thank you Danielle for your excellent work with Nick. Beverly Woodard