Hooves N' Harmony Horsemanship

~~March 2014 Danielle Hickerson of Hooves n Harmony has been a God send. I am Mendy Smallwood president of On The Right Trail Horse Rescue Inc, located in northeastern Oklahoma. Sparrow came to me a very aggressive mare who I would have swore was going to kill someone. Sparrow would charge you, try to bite you and turn her butt to deliberately try to kick you. I spoke to Danielle and she came and got Sparrow. In the very short time she has had her, Sparrow has became a whole new horse. She has learned to trust and Danielle has worked with her diligently. To my complete amazement she has even gotten her saddled. Danielle is wonderful with what she does and I will eternally be grateful for what she has done with sparrow. The outcome for Sparrow would have been tragic if not for Danielle. In a couple of weeks she will have another of my rescues horses and after that I have a osu powerslide filly for her.

~~I have owned a horse since the age of 13 and decided as a retirement project to start raising small horses, or ponies. My husband and I have acquired a wonderful stallion from Hayburner Haven in WI and one brood mare. We already owned two pony mares (12-13hh) and to date have 4 foals on the ground. Two yearlings and two weanlings. Two of the mares are in foal for 2015, so we are raising two each year. Our facility is American Pie Pony Ranch in Oklahoma. We are happy to give Hooves N' Harmony trainer, Danielle Choteau-Hickerson a very positive recommendation for training horses. Our sire is HH Jetalito Gold Bar, nicknamed 'BamBam'- sometimes called just Bam. He is a 2010 Pinto Horse Association and American Paint Pony Registry stallion. I did show him at Halter in 2012 & 2013. I thought he needed a better handle from the ground for my safety and also to begin training under saddle. I looked and looked for just the right trainer, having already had one trainer that did not produce what I was looking for with natural horsemanship methodology. I was fortunate to find Danielle Choteau-Hickerson with her Hooves N' Harmony Training business out of Enid, OK. I liked her right away and could tell that she had integrity and excellent background education with experiences to train my stallion, Bam, to be a safer and better horse. I needed him to be a useful horse and to show respect for humans. Danielle has met all my expectations. She was very organized in her agreement and planning for training and she followed through with each task I asked her or needed for my horse. She hauled him to the veterinarian for his health inspection for a show, had the farrier come out on time and took good and safe care of him during his 60 plus days stay. Danielle showed Bam for me at Halter and Color at a PtHA and All Breed show and he did great! I'm looking forward to sending Danielle more horses for training as she is everything she professes to be and very capable and knowledgeable trainer.